A Few Weeks Is All It Takes To Turn A Girl's Life Upside Down...

...Especially If She is Fifteen Going on Sixteen!


Vinita Sharma is a feisty teenager, with a talent for writing, an outsized crush on Shahrukh Khan and the low ambition of marrying a rich guy (if Shahrukh is unwilling, that is). Her brother Vinay is grappling with overactive hormones, IIT entrance exams and cricket practice, while Vinita is busy with her motley crew of friends – the angelic Neena, Jaggu the house clown, Ashley the inscrutable, and the bold and seductive Gargi.

In a matter of weeks, Vinita’s world changes radically. Her homebound mother decides to set up a business, Neena and Vinay start to make goggle-eyes at each other, Jaggu examines his own shameful attitudes, and Gargi reveals a dreadful secret that could destroy her whole life.


Into this simmering emotional cauldron falls an American dude -- the dashing Marcus -- the boyfriend Vinita dreamed of having before she turned sixteen. As she swings wildly between her traditional mindset and what she really wants, she has to take crucial decisions that will surprise them all – most of all, Vinita herself.

How does Vinita wrestle with the challenges of growing up? Does she end up a loser or a winner?


Find out in this breezy, candid diary of a girl trying to stay upright in a topsy-turvy world.