The Twist


The book deals with universal and timeless themes of coming of age stories – deep friendships, parental conflicts, first love, a finding of oneself.

An interesting and perhaps unexpected twist, especially for those for whom ‘16’ is a fond memory – is the setting of the book.


The book is set in 1991 – a time when India went through a radical process of liberalization; when Krishi Darshan on DD2 gave way to MTV, when Sachin was still a promising young lad and Shahrukh was best adored for TV’s ‘Fauji’, when good girls from good homes would cringe at the mention of ‘modeling’ and when elastic belts and plastic earrings were still the height of fashion.


The changes of this time lay the foundation not jut for the transformation of the book’s 15 year old protagonist, Vinita, but indeed for a whole generation of young Indians who are now taking their rightful place in the world as we know it today.